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A creative boutique studio and consultancy specializing in Brand Identity • Social Media • Web Design • Photo & Film • Hospitality

A curated lifestyle for your pampered pooches! 
Provides nutrition, treats, toys, accessories, grooming products.

Gourmet Desserts made affordable!

GroundUp Coffee by Sharan & Umar: our very own coffee bar, a place to experience specialty coffee made with passionate hands.

Purple rings by Soumya & Neethi : our one-stop shop for wedding and event planning solutions

Anurita Chandrappa make-up studio: Where our exceptionally talented make artist works her magic

Bakehouse by green theory: our in house bakery, where you can satisfy your sweet tooth or find breads and fresh bakes of all sorts!

Our Community

Within the Green Theory walls, you will come across a few other businesses and dreams that make Green Theory the community it is, some of which are:-

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