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Our Community

Within the green theory walls, you will come across a few other businesses and dreams that make Green Theory the community it is, some of which are:-

GroundUp Coffee 

GroundUp Coffee by Sharan & Umar: our very own coffee bar, a place to experience specialty coffee made with passionate hands.


KASSA by Arushi & Arpan: our in-house fashion boutique.

Purple Rings 

Purple rings by Soumya & Neethi : our one-stop shop for wedding and event planning solutions

Anurita Chandrappa 

Anurita Chandrappa make-up studio: Where our exceptionally talented make artist works her magic


Bakehouse by green theory: our in house bakery, where you can satisfy your sweet tooth or find breads and fresh bakes of all sorts!

Experiences by Pare

Enchanting experiences by Pare: where you can have a customized experience curated just for you and your friends, family, or a loved one. 


15, Convent Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025



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