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About Us

Green Theory is a café / restaurant set inside a beautiful colonial-style bungalow, serving global cuisine with delicacies from around the world, where you can find something delicious for everyone. Born 9 years ago, we have gone through trials and shared jubilant moments together, which has supplemented our growth as a team, and community. The word “community” is embedded deep into our hearts and soul and has allowed us to grow from a café / restaurant into a flourishing eco-system of local businesses, and various passions!


We are a vegetarian café / restaurant, and love to experiment with our food and menu, by coming up with seasonal dishes, and brainstorming beautiful amalgamations of sweet & savory. Vegans & Jains too are spoilt for choices here as we are constantly ideating and customizing new dishes and incorporating diverse tastes, and wants into our menu.

Nature has a significant impact on our food and restaurant personality, seasons and festivals allow us to mimic their characteristics, and keep things at Green Theory fun, fresh, and fruitful, but these methods would fall short without the raw materials used to execute our vision; hence, our produce is procured locally from farmers and small vendors, contributing to a hyperlocal method of functioning, and promoting a space of growth for our local farmers and vendors too.

Meet The Founder

Bikash Parik is the founder of Green Theory Ventures - a cafe, bakehouse, and community. He insists on the word community because his belief system and philosophy stems from collaboration. 

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